life Mission

Giving back to society.


My mission is to create a safer and compassionate society through using all my life & business experiences applied with my core values of Love, Compassion, integrity, accountability & congruence.

In 2000, I co-founded a not-for-profit organization in Australia to support men in the community through experiential weekends based on the following values; love, compassion, congruence, accountability and integrity. Over 60,000 men have now gone through that experiential weekend process globally and it has helped with the ultimate goal of keeping the women and children in our communities safer. Along with the Australian organization I have had the honor of helping to grow the organization in South Africa, Ireland, New Zealand and the USA.

In my free time and using the facilitation skills I learned on the experiential weekends, my passion now is in using the success derived from these processes to support US military retired Special Forces Operators to help them with their challenging re-integration back into society. 


• Increased empathy

• Strengthened social connection

• Focused attention

• Decreased isolation

• Emotional de-compression

• Stress reduction

• Trauma recovery

'The Work' has shown to help reduce alcohol abuse, illicit drug abuse, prescription drug abuse, violence and most importantly suicide reduction.

I have participated in competitive sports all my life including representing Australia and winning the team silver medal in the pistol shooting World Championships.


Alan D Shortall

NYC, the big fish pond of society. Photography by Christian Mushenko 

NYC, the big fish pond of society. Photography by Christian Mushenko