Calm seas never made a good sailor.
— Franklin. D. Roosevelt


Alan has listed and led a public company on the ASX and Nasdaq, successfully negotiated deals in excess of $150 Million, raised over $350 Million in the Capital Markets and revolutionized the Pharmaceutical industry. 

From winning silver for Australia in the World Championships for Pistol shooting, competing at the highest levels in Martial Arts and Show Jumping , to EY Entrepreneur of the Year in the USA. 

And to top it off he co-founded a charity in Australia to support men in the community, supported the foundation of another helping maximum security prisoners in the USA and he invested over $100,000 to help produce an award winning Documentary on this Healing Program in Prisons.


Alan Shortall is loaded with over 40 years business and life experience.

Alan founded a life sciences company and during his tenure as Chairman & CEO, he took it from a 5 person start-up to employing over 250 people, he drove it through an ASX listing and later a US public company listing on Nasdaq.  He successfully navigated the then pre-revenue company through the Global Economic Recession. Upon his retirement from the company he had just signed the largest ever device supply agreement in the pharmaceutical/device industry, which he had personally architected and negotiated with the largest biotech company in the world. The company was ideally positioned to; capitalize on its strong financial position (US$65 million plus cash in the bank); the multiple long-term supply agreements that he had negotiated and signed; more than US$240 million market Cap on Nasdaq; and the financial commitments from pharmaceutical companies for further investment. 

He has successfully competed in a number of sports at the highest national & international levels, in martial arts, show jumping & eventing horses, triathlons, pistol shooting including winning national championships and winning silver in World Championships. This level of success can only happen with an acute awareness of ones strengths and weaknesses, capitalizing on the strengths and training real hard to reduce the negative effect of the weaknesses and by so doing turn them into strengths also. It takes patience, dedication, commitment, tenacity, self belief and above all a passion to win.

He co-founded a charity in Australia to emotionally support men in the community based on the principals of love, compassion, congruence, integrity and accountability. He also supported the foundation of a charity in the USA helping maximum security convicts emotionally heal. He is an experienced emotional healing facilitator and through his work with convicts he has a deep understanding of who he is. The most hardened men in the prison system live a life of hyper-vigilance and they survive though their intuition. They have zero tolerance for bull, in such an intense emotionally charged environment the way to survive is through deep self-awareness and authenticity. Alan has also donated over $100,000 to help produce an award winning Documentary,
"The Work" on this Healing Program in Prisons.

Alan helped to turn into reality the vision of using the prison work as a method of supporting retired US military special operators (SOF). The synergy between the elite warriors we institutionalize and send into battle to protect us and the prisoners that we institutionalize to also protect society is extraordinary. It creates a profound healing win/win environment in which the prisoners take pride in having a sense of purpose/mission in life by supporting the SOF and the SOF find a safe environment with fellow warriors in which they can start to emotionally heal from their mission.

Alan is now ready to utilize all of his experience, his deep understanding of the capital markets and business, along with his vision and tenacity, to help drive other companies.

Call him successfully seasoned or a secret weapon, either way he now guides Business Owners and Entrepreneurs in their pursuit of success, driven by 40 years of intense learning.




Key Expertise

Establishing & Operating a
Business in USA

Innovation in Healthcare

Business Development


Life Science

Transformational Leadership




Product Design, Aesthetics/User Interface/Functionality/Design for Manufacturability 

Finance/Equity Capital Markets 

Investor Relations/Communications

Building High Performance Product Development Teams 

Culture Building/Team Spirit/Motivation


Intellectual Property



Planning and Executing High Volume Manufacturing


Corporate Governance

Accounting & Budgeting Applications


Working with US special forces veterans to deal with PTS, the often resultant drug and or alcohol abuse and suicide prevention.