The BIG 3




Accessing business opportunities in the USA, minimizing the risk and increasing your ability to succeed.

The USA is the largest economy in the world, it is the biggest capital market in the world, it is the biggest healthcare market in the world, it is the biggest technology and innovation incubator in the world, it is the land of opportunity. Transitioning to and operating in the USA can create enormous opportunities. The cultural, legal, regulatory and business environment looks very similar to Australia’s but there are significant nuances of difference that are not always obvious, that create an operating environment fraught with pitfalls and danger. I can help you to minimize the risk through my experience and 10 years as Chairman & CEO of a Nasdaq listed public company. With all the regulatory and compliance requirements operating a business in the USA, especially a publicly listed company can be very expensive. My experience can also add real value with your selection of efficient USA advisors such as law firms, IR, PR, accounting firms. Efficient being the balance between the quality of the advice and the cost.



Minimising risk and increasing your chances of success in the life sciences space, especially in pharmaceuticals, biotech and devices.

I have decades of experience in the healthcare sector, ranging from, biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device technology. Whether you are introducing a new product or technology to market or looking to grow your business, it always helps to have a deep understanding not only of where the market is currently but where it is heading and what are the trends and drivers. It helps to understand your customer’s needs, and the competitive landscape, not where the competitive landscape is now but where is it going to be in the medium and long term. Having an experienced set of eyes watching out for you makes good business sense. That is how you will beat the competition and smash the proverbial box.



Deal making and negotiating, I have a vast amount of experience in successfully negotiating as the "minnow against the 1,000 Lbs. Gorilla".

Based on product concepts I have successfully negotiated major contracts with some of the biggest companies in the world generating up-front cash payments in excess of US$150 million. These up-front cash commitments and supply agreements validated my vision and the technology while creating hundreds of millions of dollars of potential annual revenue to be built into the Company’s pipeline. I have also negotiated and raised in excess of US$350 million in capital markets in the U.S.A. and Australia.