Alan in New York City. Photography by Christian Mushenko.

Alan in New York City. Photography by Christian Mushenko.

Skin in The Game

"take advantage of my mistakes and my successes"

A Strategic Advisor and Mentor who is keen to build trust and loyalty in a two way relationship which I believe is very important because a mentor has “skin in the game” in desiring the best possible outcomes for the mentee.

I am a Strategic Advisor and Life Mentor with decades of experience in the healthcare sector and capital markets. I have over 20 years  experience ranging from leading publicly listed companies both in Australia and USA, and operating in the Life Sciences industry in biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device technology. As an Advisor to your business you can gain from my mistakes and successes. I can increase your success with guidance that will save you time and money.

"Transformative leader and entrepreneur who successfully revolutionized the pharmaceutical and medical device industries through disruptive innovation and pioneer deal making."

Let’s imagine that you are a general heading into battle with your troops to unchartered territory and along came an opportunity to engage a battle hardened, experienced warrior that had been to that same territory many times before. That bore the obvious scars from previous battles, yet had survived those encounters. That knew the lay out of the battlefield, that knew where the quicksand was, that knew where the minefields were, that could identify obstacles from afar, that knew where the fresh water and supplies were, would minimize your loses and would tip the scales of success in your favor. That you knew would be loyal to you and be available to guide you at all times. Would you engage that experienced, seasoned Advisor? 

Let me be your seasoned Advisor and take advantage of my mistakes and successes to maximize your success. 

Inspiration - Guidance – Advice – Vision - Wisdom – Safety

Allow me to help you achieve your goals and help you maximize your business' real potential. You can leverage my experience, hindsight and knowledge by utilizing my advice, counsel, network contacts and cultural experience together with my ongoing support and guidance. Whilst not being a domain expert in all the areas of my experience I have a deep understanding of each and importantly the ability to establish, implement and execute on each of them. It is important to have strategies and policies aligned and an additional set of visionary eyes can be extremely valuable. I can provide you with a confidential sounding board, an “outside of the box” perspective and support for working through crucial and complex decisions. Helping you to identify strengths and capitalize on them, creating a dynamic and innovative culture. 

My passion is to use my experiences to help others to be successful.