Think outside of the box. Photography by Christian Mushenko.

Think outside of the box. Photography by Christian Mushenko.

Transformative Mindset

To be a truly successful entrepreneur, business leader or company in today's market and swim with the big fish you need the right mindset, the Transformative Mindset. Your mindset is that state that empowers you to create and bring about your vision. 80% of the time, restrictions in growth in business of any size is the mindset of the leader. Mindset is more powerful than skill. You can break through blocks, transform and find that focus that will make you more powerful and be the force for any venture.

I realized early in my life that I was not the smartest or the fastest or the strongest or the most coordinated in my peer group but I found that if I worked hard, trained hard and believed in myself that I could beat the competition. I learned that even the most gifted opponent could be beaten if I did not let my fear of failure interfere with my performance. In life as in business plan and prepare as well as you possible can, believe in yourself and then execute to the best of your ability.  There is a very fine line between being supremely confident and being arrogant. To be an inspirational leader it is important to stay in touch with our humility and empathize with those around us, understanding that our greatest strengths are also our greatest weaknesses. Tenacity, resilience and self-belief are prerequisites for success in business. We can never stop learning, we will never be as good as we could be, we should never stop striving for unattainable perfection.

When I reach the gates of heaven and God was to ask me “have you been as great as you could have been?”
If I answer “yes”, I will have failed.

Life is unfair in many ways not least of which is that the older that I get the more I learn about myself and life through my experiences both good and bad and so in the twilight of my life how can I make best use of that knowledge? By helping others benefit from my experiences. As I reflect back on my mistakes and some bad choices I have made, I often think “if only I knew then what I know now!” If only I had had a wise uncle that could have helped me make some of those important decisions and often times they did not appear to be that important at the time but with hindsight I now realize how easy it is to underestimate at that time some of the choices I make. In this case I equate wise with the depth and breadth of one’s life experiences and the knowledge one has gained through those experiences. In life as in business we should take every edge we can get to help us succeed, now is the time for you get the edge on your competition, let’s have and exploratory conversation.